Quality management

Anilox operates a quality management system and has been certified to the internationally recognized ISO 9001:2015 standard. This QM has been implemented in all the procedures, defined and covered with all required documentation, and available to all employees. The continual improvement of our products and systems assures additional corporate development, and regular technical training guarantees the progressive qualification of our staff as specified by the QM requirements. All this assures us necessary continual improvement in order to meet and fulfill increasing customer demands.

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Guarantee of quality

Imamo uspostavljen djelotvoran sustav upravljanja kvalitetom sukladno zahtjevima standarda ISO 9001:2015. Također prepoznali smo i prihvatili odgovornost za čist i zdrav okoliš. Sredina u kojoj radimo poznata je kao prirodno i ekološki sačuvana i zdrava.