Environmental Care

In Anilox we have recognized and accepted our responsibility for a clean future. Our environment is already well known as preserved, clean and healthy. We consider ourselves obligated to continue protecting it, and the environmental care enjoys utmost priority in all our production areas. We designed and constructed completely closed cycle for treating technical wastewaters in cylinder producing workflow, and their reusage, we keep our emissions-reduction facilities in step, and enforce many other technical protection measures. Human and environmental protection have been the most important issue, and a subject to our continual research and improvement.

Guarantee of quality

Imamo uspostavljen djelotvoran sustav upravljanja kvalitetom sukladno zahtjevima standarda ISO 9001:2015. Također prepoznali smo i prihvatili odgovornost za čist i zdrav okoliš. Sredina u kojoj radimo poznata je kao prirodno i ekološki sačuvana i zdrava.