Anilox is the region-leader in prepress and cylinder engraving for flexible packaging and decorative industry. But above that, we are an innovative environment where different solutions, out of mentioned range, are offered. By spreading our range of products, and taking part in the development of new, innovative technologies, from a local one Anilox is becoming globally oriented company.

Our knowledge, creativity and constant effort to follow our customers’ growth and development make us your most natural choice when looking for the best partner in finding solutions for your printing and non printing needs. Our task is, together with you, to find the best way to solve the problem, to act in the highest standard manner, and to become and stay your preferred supplier and partner.


Guarantee of quality

Imamo uspostavljen djelotvoran sustav upravljanja kvalitetom sukladno zahtjevima standarda ISO 9001:2015. Također prepoznali smo i prihvatili odgovornost za čist i zdrav okoliš. Sredina u kojoj radimo poznata je kao prirodno i ekološki sačuvana i zdrava.